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Are You Sending Too Many Emails?

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Look in your inbox right now, and you’re guaranteed to find at least a handful of promotional emails, right? One from the store, one from your favorite restaurant, one from a Chamber of Commerce speaker, etc.

When it comes to sending emails to our list, we as business owners can be sceptical. After all, we ourselves are being sent numerous newsletters and updates from many different places and people. The sheer amount of it can be frustrating and we don’t want to feel guilty for adding to the same frustration of another person…much less, someone who might potentially be our client.

Here’s the thing though…

Big brands with big advertising budgets are in front of us 24/7. We have learned to accept this frustration. Worst of all, they have conditioned us as a society that anything worth paying attention to is repeated more than once and is in our faces wherever we go, wouldn’t you agree?

That is especially true about consumer products, many of them, like french fries, are a simple item we do not need extra education about.

Now let’s look at B2B. Your products are complex, yet you explain them to prospects only once or twice. You then leave them for a month to do their own research and discover your competitors. You rely on word of mouth and your sales team’s ability to build strong rapport. And I do sincerely hope you consider follow-up as a mandatory activity.

Even if you are an absolute follow-up master, how often do you follow up? Every 90 days? Compare that to every 30 minutes of ads about french fries on TV. Can you sense the disconnect and perhaps a huge reason as to why you are missing out on sales you could be making?

Emails are the new-age follow-up which still works. The problem is that even professional salespeople are giving up prematurely when they could have persevered in order to get the sale.

Even the statistics back this up:

44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up, and the average salesperson will only make two follow-up attempts. However, 50% of sales happen after the 5th follow-up (meaning professional salespeople are not even going halfway in their attempts to reach a prospect).

Of course, all products and services are not created equal and there are many moving parts. One thing is for certain: the money is in the follow-up and you’ve got to do it. Would you choose to spend more time on the phone following up or rather do something else while Set’n’Prosper emails are taking care of your follow-up tasks?

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Originally published on 5/02/2019

Assia Salikhova

Smarketing Lab, Managing Director
Co-Creator of 4Rs Business Growth Framework with profitable B2B solutions 

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