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What Does LinkedIn for Businesses Mean Today and Why Should You Care?

While LinkedIn started as an online business social network, everyone knows it’s turned into a major recruitment platform over the years.

“Since 2020, LinkedIn for businesses resurgence has brought powerful networking opportunities globally, nationally, and locally, fostering connections on diverse scales because:

  • There have been fewer physical networking events
  • People have gotten a taste of WFH and are less willing to waste time going to live events
  • There were no international events, trade shows, expos, etc. for months

Comparing live and online professional networking on platforms like LinkedIn, the distinctions I find are limited to:

  • You can touch other people in a live setting
  • Other people can touch and shake hands during a live event
  • You can drink and eat with other people
  • It’s easier to interact with a group
  • You have to wear a mask which makes communication in a noisy place difficult
Building quality business relationships isn't hindered unless we insist on in-person interactions, which may limit potential collaboration opportunities.

Therefore, we have to explore what networking remotely through LinkedIn can bring to our business.

Since the launch of Smarketing Lab in November 2020, we have been researching and observing businesses and individuals to understand what is the new real value of LinkedIn in today’s market.

Here are three key observations of what LinkedIn for businesses means in 2022, why should you care, and what you can do about it.

In 2022 LinkedIn is used by 70% of business owners and procurement managers to research potential suppliers.

Why should you care?

If you are in business and want to sell more, it’s valuable to know that there are companies out there who desperately need your products and services. Often they don’t even want to hear from you until they’ve done their research and ‘found you’.

Have you checked what they find when they come across your company?
On Google? LinkedIn? Or your website?

Yes, research shows that people are looking at you and your company in that order: Google – LinkedIn – your website.

On top of that, if you approach someone yourself, they will want to research and understand you first in the same order: Google – LinkedIn – Your website.

So, if you have invested in making your website amazing, now is the time to consider what they can find by looking on LinkedIn.

People judge your business and you based on your company and personal profile on LinkedIn more than they care about your beautiful website. Sad, but true.

What can you do about it?

Fortunately, a lot can be done relatively easily. Here is a simple step-by-step plan for you:

  1. Upgrade your Company’s LinkedIn Profile. It’s like your business card but available 24/7.
  2. Ramp up your personal LinkedIn Profile and profiles of key people in your business. You can test its strength by following this link.
  3. Commit to publishing at least 1 article a month.
  4. Instigate 15-30 minutes a day to connect with new people, and reconnect with existing connections – that’s what networking is all about.
  5. Post your thoughts, observations, and questions with a relevant image once a day.

Sounds like too much work?

I completely agree and I can’t keep up. That’s why my team and I have created a special and secure process to help you and your business be visible and vocal on LinkedIn

Do you agree this great plan is a LOT of work?
Is it true that you don’t have the time to do it, even when you recognize it’s a good idea?

How about you let our team do this work? We’ll only need 1-2 hours of your time per month where you can share your thoughts and approve content that our #Teamtalent creates for you.

Book time with me today to learn how it can happen in just 1-2 hours of your time a month.

Decades-old word-of-mouth fades. New managers seek assurance you and your company align with their vision.



I agree that it’s a bit harsh, but life is life and your loyal supporters, past contacts, customers, and managers are nearing retirement and are leaving.

New managers don’t know you and your company, have no loyalty and want to make their mark.

Do you think you will be a natural choice in the process?

Why should you care?

New Managers, especially in government and corporates are young and digitally savvy. They may respect the value of past relationships but at the same time, they are eager to prove themselves. Challenging existing relationships is an obvious choice to ensure they are getting the best return for their dollar.

Therefore, reviewing current and long-standing suppliers is a common practice.

Modern professionals prioritize Google, then LinkedIn, and only after, your website—if discoverable. Make your online presence count! Because let’s face it, when you are busy with large long-standing clients there is no time to upgrade your website.

With full respect for your expertise and experience, let me ask you one question: what would you say about a shop with old outdated signage?

Have you considered that your LinkedIn and your website are like digital signage?

Do you care as much about your LinkedIn appearance as you care about your street signage?

The bottom line, today some people will judge you and your business on the strength (or weakness) of your LinkedIn profile and your website. It’s OK that you don’t care, others do.

What can you do about it?

I was tempted to repeat the action plan described above because that’s all there is to it. Regardless of why a solid professional presence on LinkedIn is a modern necessity. You can invest your time and effort or outsource it to people like Smarketing Lab, which, by the way, gets feedback like this:

“I am indebted to SML’s hard work, the unconditional patience to a greenhorn like me and your commitment to ensuring that this project becomes successful which it has indeed.

Triode Group Ltd is now enjoying the fruitage of your efforts with a record-breaking revenue since we started despite the pandemic with its supposedly gloomy financial outcomes. The year has just started and yet we already have confirmed orders to fill half of the year which is beyond any previous experience.”

Joey Llanes, Sales Director

While this article is about LinkedIn,

Follow this 5-step plan to improve your website after managing LinkedIn, as your website might also require enhancement:

  1. Check the look and feel of your website – these days it is 10 times easier to make it look great on a basic budget. Just do it because your competition is onto it. Check them out to see how many used their time in lockdown to upgrade their website. Reach out if you need a hand.
  2. Add more content. These can be case studies, better product and service descriptions, more about your team, company history, etc. Enquire to get a full list of Must-Haves for a Modern Website.
  3. Take time to visit every page on your website to catch old, outdated or plain incorrect information and images and commit to changing these ASAP.
  4. Consider adding an AI chatbot to enhance the initial customer service interaction.
  5. Are you collecting emails from your website visitors? Why not? Ask me why you are leaving money on the table if you do not have a system for that.