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Marketing Services: In Details

Step 0

Innovative Strategy

Our dramatically different approach to strategy allows us to create a strategy that actually responds to your current sales and marketing challenges.

Step 1

Right Audience

Targeting the right audience is the way to go when you are involved in B2B sales and marketing.

Your products and services are literally of no use to anyone else, so you end up with better results when you target a niche segment.

Step 2

Relevant Content

We view content holistically, from your brand to your email signature, from SEO driven article writing to social media posts, videos, and everything in between.

Most importantly, we have a methodology of how to create your media channel with ample quality content using limited time and resources.

Step 3

Repetitive Connections

Did you know it now takes 17-22 touches before a buying decision is made? That includes all media channels, online, and offline activities.

If you struggle to even imagine how this is possible, just ask us. For every business there is a near perfect balance of actions to make these 17-22 touches a seamless reality for business growth.

Step 4

Relentless Follow Up

If you doubt that the money is in follow up, think again. Unless you have a transactional type of sale, most B2B sales are complex, require connections with numerous people, and massive follow up effort.

To close more sales you need to have a better combination of activities that WOW your prospect over a period of time.


We have a slightly unique approach to strategy - we aim to identify the challenges facing your business from a sales & marketing point of view. Then we suggest a strategy to address the problem.

What this does is cut down on the fluff surrounding traditional strategies. Instead it gives you a very clear understanding of how to solve your immediate challenges.

There are of course cases where a more comprehensive and long term approach is required - we can do this as well. The core fundamental of making sure our strategies have clear actionable items remains.

Often times this is over looked by businesses. The USP, Mission, and Positioning Statements are developed at the beginning of the business and then promptly put away.

We view these as almost the charter of the business that should inform every aspect of what you do. As a result it's important to review these from time to time and make sure the messaging you're pushing to clients is aligned with these core ideas.

Every good strategy should have an action plan of how to implement it. Without a set of steps that is required to implement a strategy, it becomes a static document that isn't all that helpful.

In fact, a lack of action plan is often why marketing strategies go unused. They become reference documents that aren't often references, rather than a core part of your business.

We want to change this perception of marketing strategies for good!

Right Audience

The first step in any marketing campaign is understanding who you're going to market to. Having a clear understanding of who this is and the size of the market will allow you to better forecast what kind of result you can expect.

Contact information is constantly changing, people move, change jobs and get new phone numbers.

If your list has been grown organically it's most likely in need of a spruce up.

Once you know who your targeting the next step is to find out how big this market is.

This is especially important when starting out as it will help you decide if your idea is commercially viable. Or when you're thinking of adding a new product/service to your existing offering.

Organically grown lists often end up being haphazardly entered into a spreadsheet or CRM. Often there is a wealth of information not captured - such as industry and number of staff.

We can enrich your existing data, adding contact info and additional information about your current clients that you may not even know.

Relevant Content

We can help you create resources to educate your market from emails to video collection

Got a lot of knowledge but not much shared with the market? We have a special system to get your subject matter expertise and get it amplified though a variety of formats from articles and blogs to posts and videos.

This is a huge task, which is the future of content marketing. The best time to start is today to develop your audience and content so that tomorrow you have an educated crowd ready to buy from you.

As specialists in Do the Doing, #teamtalent can assist with one-off or on-going content creation:

  • graphics
  • words - copywriting
  • videos

Need something else - just ask!

Repetitive Connections

Lead Generation over the phone is an excellent way to get the finger on the pulse of what your market is currently thinking, and generate some appointments at the same time.

Our experienced team of callers specialises in B2B campaigns to set appointments and elicit email requests.

Note: We don't work with insurance and real estate.

You probably have a Facebook page, now what?

Many companies have pages with no life on them - not a good look. While you may not gain a large number of leads through Facebook, it's an important check for prospects to make sure you're legit.

Content is King. Unfortunately, even Kings aren't always the best at writing their own content.

We've developed a special method of content co-creation that gives the best of both worlds: your subject matter expertise, and our copywriting skills.

We also take into account your SEO when creating content so that it benefits your website Google ranking.

SEO is something most people aren't really sure what it means. In a nutshell, it's a set of activities which help Google to identify your website as trustworthy and delivering value. The more you can prove this to Google, the higher they will rank your website.

Many SEO companies over-emphasize building backlinks, but leave content and building quality links in the 'too hard' pile.

This is where we slide in - we leave all the technical SEO alone, instead focussing on building up your stable of quality articles and offering ways to build up quality backlinks.

LinkedIn is a great place to be for B2B companies. It works a little bit different to Facebook, because on LinkedIn the person is the business essentially.

The main reason to be seen on LinkedIn is to build up your personal image as an expert. It's the equivalent of networking but online. You have a change to interact with clients and prospects, and really leave a lasting impression. The net effect of this is when they're ready to buy, they come to you.

We offer what is called LinkedIn Profile management. Learn more on this page

This is specifically geared toward key personnel in the business and aiming to position them as experts. Talk to us about how we make it happen.

Relentless Follow Up

You've probably heard of nurturing campaigns, but do you know what this means and are you using it yourself?

Nurturing campaigns refer to a set of emails sent out automatically to follow up your new leads. This is usually intermingled with phone calls made at specific intervals.

Modern technology allows a lot of this to be automated, and if you're not using this for your business you really are missing out. As they say, the money is in the follow up.

How long do you follow up someone? Do you stop after 30 days? Do you remember to continue touching base every 3 months after that?

If you don't have the patience for this, then automated emails were created with you in mind. These can gently nudge your prospects every three months, and coupled with the occasional phone call will build out a nice pipeline of leads.

The best part is it's all done in a system that takes the hassle out of it for you.

Do you regularly speak to your current and past customers? At least every 3 months? And ideally more often.

A newsletter is no longer just for news. These days most companies have diversified to the point where no single customer actually knows everything you do. And why should they! It's not their job to learn about you, it's your job to educate them.

We have a unique method to approaching newsletters which will have you set up with 12 month's worth within 4-6 weeks. A short job and then 10 months of peace, knowing your customers are being taken care of.

Does your product require regular servicing? Do you offer a service that needs to be done at set intervals?

How well do you follow up with your customers to make sure they're rebooking?

A long-term customer care newsletter can take care of this. An excellent example is in trades where some products require a regular clean in order to maintain the warranty. A simple email to remind your customer is all it takes.

Marketing done for you, with you

Marketing Services: Choose What Feels Right

Marketing done for you, with you

Marketing Services: Choose What Feels Right

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