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Assia Salikhova

Head Smarketer
Managing Director, E-ideas Limited

B2B marketing success starts from a Consult Call

What happens on the

Consult Call


You will learn what works for companies like yours to achieve the goal you have.


Together we'll uncover the gaps in your sales and marketing to discover the key pain point.

Follow Up

Some say "The money is in the follow up", because it is critical to your success and the most difficult to implement, manage and measure. How often do you follow up now?

Marketing and Sales for 2020 and beyond
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Engaging Smarketing Lab

Is Easy As 1-2-3


1. Consult Call

Our special process allows us to understand your company in a short space of time and recommend the right solution to help you move forward to achieve your goal.
At the end you get a clear roadmap that is created with your business realities in mind.


2. Proposal

Forget about a 300 page marketing strategy or 28 page proposal you have no time to read.
We value your time enough to present an easy to follow proposal on a few pages (usually 3-4) and provide assistance to walk you through it, so that you can make an informed decision easier.


3. Do the Doing

After all, someone has to make it happen and our talented team is here to make it happen. We have many professionals at our fingertips so that any project can be delivered in a timely and organised manner, including yours.

Companies like yours

Engage Us When

They want to apply Smarketing ideas

1. To Solve an Immediate Challenge

You know what issue you have. You might know how to solve it. You need a trustworthy hand. We are ready to partner with you to solve your immediate challenge.

We can come in at any stage of the process and give your business a sales and marketing boost.

If you're not sure how to best approach your challenge, we can recommend a solution. If you're already at the stage of knowing what you need done, we can come in and do the doing.

They are ready to apply B2B Growth Framework

2. To Grow Their Business

We've created the B2B Sales and Marketing Framework in order to help you visualise where your business is in terms of sales and marketing, and where it could be. With this regard, the very best option is to implement the entire framework piece by piece to your business.

Our recommendation is to engage us long term on a monthly retainer. We'll decide on a set of priorities with you, and then quietly work in the background to build out your sales and marketing. The B2B Sales and Marketing Framework was created with businesses like you in mind.

By engaging with us long term you'll also unlock preferential pricing of our hourly rate, meaning we achieve even more.

They want to get a taste of how we can help

3. To Start from the Best Solution

If you don't have a pressing concern, and aren't totally sold on our framework, then we suggest to start from our best recommendation. This will give you an opportunity to see us in action and reap the benefits of our solutions.

Our best solution as a stand-alone service is Set-to-Prosper. We see this as a must have for every B2B business, no matter your niche. The reason is it's based on sound marketing principles that just make sense.


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We’re a team of strategic creative thinkers who are enthusiastic about your business growth. Our unique ideas help B2B companies like yours to achieve success by creating a robust sales and marketing process that delivers tangible results.

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