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It’s exactly as it sounds: we create content and schedule a set of emails to help you stay in touch with your customers for 12 months so that you can focus on picking up new sales.

Imagine the peace of mind you can have when pre-written, pre-set and pre-scheduled emails “happen” without you lifting a finger. Emails that don’t just follow up to save you time on phone calls, but also educate, inspire and spread awareness about your brand.

What can be better?

Considering that it’s 7 times less expensive to sell to your existing customers, staying in touch on a regular basis helps you to educate your customers and grow your sales to those who already like and trust you. 

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Which ideas drive our newsletter-like email system?

  1. The money is in the follow up. So when you keep in touch with existing customers, they are more likely to buy again or recommend you to someone. Having an automated follow up system which operates in the background, educates and inspires prospects saves you time and is bound to bring you more sales.


  1. Keeping in touch is an essential part of customer care. But who has time to touch base with every company? Staying in touch on a regular basis creates additional rapport, keeps your company at the top of your customers’ minds and allows you to upsell them on additional products or services.


  1. Education about your products and services often leads to more sales to past customers. But who has time to educate every past customer? An automated newsletter which introduces one product or service at a time is an effortless way to sell more to people who already know you.

PROCESS what to expect and how it works

Here is the simplest explanation
(because, you know, simple ideas work best!)


All starts from a meeting

(phone, Skype or in-person) to talk more about your business and uncover how regular emails can provide meaningful impact.


Based on our conversation

you receive a customised proposal for your approval and payment so we can get to work right away.


7 days later we meet again

to go over the full set of emails customized to your business including content and design.


You then get 7 days

to review everything you saw on the call that will be provided in an easy to follow Word document.


On approval, the set up

is done by our team in the email marketing software of your choice. If you are not using one, we’ll recommend one for you.


Automated emails have become an essential part of any effective marketing campaign.
Thanks to them, you can reach your audience exactly when they need it and
when they are most likely to convert.

What are automated emails?

Just like your out-of-office replies, email marketing campaigns don’t have to be sent manually. Using autoresponders and marketing automation workflows allows you to send them at specific time intervals or in response to your customer’s actions.

Automated emails can be sent as an individual message or as a part of a larger email drip campaign. For example, when an enquiry comes in, instead of sending just one email, you could send them a whole series, guiding them one step at a time through the ins and outs of your product.

Works 24/7 without fail!

Here are the advantages of Keep In Touch we value most:
  • Better Grammar. When I create emails in advance I have time to get our copywriter to check their grammar and spelling. That is why these emails have no issues.
  • No Time required. With pre-set emails I no longer have to worry whether I have time to write the next email to follow up, because there were times when I won’t email a potential prospect for months because there is no time. And when there is no time for an email, there is no time for a call. That means nothing happens.
  • Extra Sales. My personal favourite of course, because we all are in business to make sales. And sales do happen when our services are beter explained, when we give our prospects the time to think and make a decision when they are ready. The whole world is growing sales through more follow up one way or another and email still works well.


Disrupting the whole industry is a big ask.
We are up for it because behind every element of 4R's
we have proven solutions you can discover right now.

Step 0

Good Strategy

Our approach to Strategy aims to solve the biggest business challenge right now.

Step 1

Right Audience

In B2B sales and marketing to the Right Audience saves resources and delivers better results.

Step 2

Relevant Content

To support B2B sales Relevant Content in different formats is required to support the growing demand for more information to enable multi-channel approach .

Step 3

Repetitive Connections

Up to 17-24 Repetitive Connections with your target market is now necessary to open new opportunities.

Step 4

Relentless Follow Up

B2B sales have longer sales cycles and require intense Relentless Follow-up. Email can help to nurture, educate and stay top of mind.


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