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B2B Growth Framework STEP 3 CONNECT

LinkedIn Claim Your Space

Claim Your Space is one of the services we offer to create Repetitive Connections.

For B2B sales and marketing professionals LinkedIn is the right place to be when you want to grow your business because we can help you to create:

  1. consistent relevant communication to your network
  2. ability to claim your space professionally
  3. attract better opportunities naturally


  1. World largest professional platform
  2. Offers tools to showcase your experience and expertise
  3. Renowned platform to communicate about company, products, services
  4. Helps create attraction to you and the company
  5. Allows you to amplify and share your message with the world
  6. Designed to open new professional opportunities 
  7. Tools to find employment or employees

LinkedIn Claim Your Space Explained

Claim Your Space can be done for a company and one or more key people and includes the following stages:

    1. Review and upgrade LinkedIn profile/s/ (start from scratch if needed)
    2. Recommend a 12 months contract (reviewed in 3 months) to ensure that you get
      1. Daily: connect with new and existing contacts
      2. Daily: post messages about the company and related topics
      3. Daily: participate in LinkedIn activities
    3. All content (images and words) is reviewed and approved prior to use, typically on a monthly or quarterly basis, some could be reviewed annually

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