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LinkedIn Profile Letting You Down?

Have you considered that your LinkedIn profile serves as an enhanced business card 24/7? Did you know that over time the hundreds of people who visit your LinkedIn profile judge you and your business based on its quality? 

Their quick judgement determines if they approach you as a warm lead, or you won’t even know that they considered you.

Take the quiz to discover how your LinkedIn profile stacks up vs widely accepted best practice. Then reach out for help. Imagine getting more business with a better LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Profile Health Check:
do the quiz to discover if it stacks up against best practice

Did You Join LinkedIn to Get More Business?

And now you're not sure about it,
because nothing seems to work?

So did many other people business people. 

Not the job hunters. Business owners, sales professionals, and marketers.

I’m not sure what you are doing to get leads and new business on LinkedIn.

Maybe you engaged one of the many Lead Gen agencies from overseas? Maybe you used LinkedIn for a couple of days, got nothing and walked away empty handed. Maybe you tried something else unsuccessfully.

Maybe you didn’t review your profile recently and it still has a bunch of old news on it.

LinkedIn little known facts,
which explain what's going on and what you can do to get the results you've always wanted.


Even when you’re not active, a prospective buyer can come across your LinkedIn profile and decide to not reach out to you, because of how your LinkedIn profile looks.

Right now, do you feel like this has some truth to it?

Fortunately, this can be corrected. Start by taking a special quiz above to discover how your LinkedIn profile stacks up vs widely accepted best practice. Then reach out for help if needed.


All networking rules apply, i.e. you get what you give. If you do not participate on LinkedIn (you don’t share ideas, comment, or celebrate with others), they won’t come to you. So, when you think what can you do to make LinkedIn work for you, think about it from a networking perspective.

Maybe you hate networking. The great news is LinkedIn is all digital, so you don’t have to dress up, go somewhere, and see people you don’t want to see.


Getting more business is about closing more sales, which is the last step of every sales process.

That’s why to make LinkedIn work for your business you need to understand the value and the position of LinkedIn in your sales process. In other words, there has to be a place for LinkedIn, along with before and after actions.

Our research shows that only 3% of businesses are clear about the place of LinkedIn in their sales process.

If you belong to the remaining 97%, you can ask for help.

Do you understand the place of LinkedIn in your sales process?

It should be a very clear place for every business.

It’s not where the sales transaction happens – that is the reason why your sales people are not closing sales on LinkedIn. Because it’s not designed for that.

Do you need a hand to understand the correct place of LinkedIn in your sales process?

Do you need a hand to integrate LinkedIn into your sales process?

If your answer is yes to either, or both, of the above, reach out and book a time now to discover how LinkedIn can bring profitable outcomes for your company.

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