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Who Created Smarketing Lab


Meet some of our talented team members

who are bringing Smarketing Lab to life

and work with you to make it all happen.

Assia Salikhova

Managing Director

Assia is the founder and Managing Director of E-ideas, the company behind the Smarketing Lab. Assia brings a wealth of experience from vastly different backgrounds.
Her journey starts in science and she brings this scientific viewpoint to everything she does.

Smarketing Lab Team, Managing Director
Igor Axenov

Head Designer

A co-founder of E-ideas, Igor brings decades of international logo and design experience.
His in depth understanding of visual communication and physiology of colour enables him to create brands that stand out and have long lasting impact. Igor's passion are social posters.

Smarketing Lab Team, Art Director
Artem Axenov

Operations Manager

Artem is the Operations Manager at E-ideas, he studied management and economics before joining the team. Artem has a keen eye for strategy and business. He has a wide range of experience across many industries implementing sales and marketing solutions.

Smarketing Lab Team, Operations Manager
Zoe Bull

Service Delivery Manager

Zoe brings a wealth of experience to the team from her past work in marketing. As a working mum, Zoe is a master of delivering exceptional work even with tight deadlines.

Smarketing Lab Team, Service Delivery Manager
Kyla McLean

Junior Service Delivery Manager

Kyla has a background in communications and conference organising.
She is a star copywriter and is quickly becoming an invaluable member of our team.

Smarketing Lab Team, Service Delivery Manager


Our clients are a valuable member of our team, you join us on the journey as we co-create many of our services for you.

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