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Discover the power and potential of LinkedIn
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Maximize Your Impact:
The 5-Day LinkedIn Mastery Challenge for Entrepreneurs

Unlock the True Potential of LinkedIn for Your Business in Just Five Days!

Day 1 – The Power of Presence: Learn why a strong LinkedIn presence is essential for every business owner and professional in today’s digital landscape.


Day 2 – Breaking Through Barriers: Gain insights and strategies to conquer internal doubts and confidently position yourself as an industry leader.


Day 3 – Navigating the Noise: Master the art of standing out on LinkedIn by avoiding common pitfalls that many entrepreneurs face.


Day 4 – Mastering Consistency: Discover the secrets to maintaining momentum and consistent engagement, key factors in building a strong LinkedIn network.


Day 5 – Amplifying Success: Learn how to effectively navigate motivation and setbacks to ensure long-term success and impact on LinkedIn.


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Maximize Your Impact:
The 5-Day LinkedIn Mastery Challenge for Entrepreneurs
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Maximize Your Impact:
The 5-Day LinkedIn Mastery Challenge for Entrepreneurs
Is Created Based on Years of LinkedIn Experience

Since 2005 Assia Salikhova, Managing Director of Smarketing Lab has been using LinkedIn to grow her business and helped numerous businesses to grow too.

Triode Group Ltd is now enjoying the fruitage of your efforts with a record-breaking revenue since we started in March 2021 despite the pandemic with its supposedly gloomy financial outcomes.

2022 has just started and yet we already have confirmed orders to fill half of the year which is beyond any previous experience.

Joey Llanes, CSO, Triode Group Ltd

I have worked with some very smart people over the years – business, coaches, advisors, mentors, partners – but Assia stands out for her practical, transformative and effective insights, particularly in sales and LinkedIn, and the integration of sales and marketing.

She is most certainly a key contributor to my success.


Colin Kennedy

Assia is very savvy in the matter of effective communication as she understands the vital importance, and the essential fact, that making emotional connections with prospective clients is the rock-bottom foundation stone in any marketing activity.

Our conversations by phone, shared screen on Zoom, text, and email are constructive and highly informative. I’m pleased to strongly recommend her to you.


Jamie Ford

Assia is very smart, she listens deeply, and quickly understood my offering better that I did.

She’s also an intuitive and talented copywriter, and is able to communicate my core offering to my people, in a way they understand and relate to.

I highly recommend that you have a short call with Assia, and experience this yourself.


Jerome Hartigan

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