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Kick Start 2023 With a Planning Workshop Based on the Proven 4R Business Growth Framework

B2B Planning for Success in 2023

This is an announcement of a full-day B2B Planning for Success in 2023 Workshop from the co-creator of the 4R Business Growth Framework, B2B sales and marketing expert Assia Salikhova.

Kickstart your 2023 with a Planning Workshop that is sure to give you novel ideas based on proven strategies on how to grow your B2B business in 2023. Discover a unique approach to Sales & Marketing which is a game changer for your industry. Make the most by getting the knowledge and expertise directly from the creators of the 4Rs Business Growth Framework themselves.

Auckland Wed 15th Feb 2023 8:30am-4pm
BizDojo 4 Williamson Ave, Ponsonby
Wellington Thu 23rd Feb 2023, 8:30am-4pm
Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce
Level 3/15 Daly Street, Hutt Central

What if you could make 2023 your best year ever

with B2B Planning for 2023 Workshop?

Even if the economy is shaky
Even if you have tons of competition
Even if you don’t know what to do

What if there is a B2B strategy for growth proven to work in our rapidly

changing world and it is fully applicable to your business?

Without huge investment
Without struggle
With resources, you already have at hand

What if there is expert help you can capitalise on and have an actionable

plan developed and customised for you in just one day?

Who should attend this full-day B2B Planning for 2023 Workshop?

Business owners of established B2B & B2G companies
B2B startup owners or people planning to start a B2B business.
B2B includes consultants, professional services, manufacturers, wholesalers and everyone who deals with business or government as their customer.

While the 4Rs aim to unite Sales and Marketing so they stop operating in silos, and work together for your business growth, it offers so much more. It was developed over years of working with all types of B2B businesses, and it works for almost every B2B industry.

The 4Rs take into consideration the digital age we live in and give you a simple way to understand digital marketing and how it can fit into your marketing mix. Best of all, it takes into consideration current local and international trends, so that you can stay a step ahead of others.

Check out more about the 4R Business Growth Framework by following this link

Why register for a full-day B2B Planning for 2023 Workshop?

If you want to be in business by the end of 2023 you have to plan now.

If you want to grow your business, you have to plan now.

If you are keen to understand what is changing and how to adjust, you need to plan.

If you don’t know where the next sale is coming from, you have to plan asap.

If you are confused about economic changes, you have to plan now.

Here is a quick overview of the 4Rs and why they are important.


1st Right Target Audience

is about understanding who your ideal customers are, where they can be found, and the size of your market. A definitive list of your target market is one of your assets.


2nd Relevant Content

is about creating content that allows you to communicate and sets you apart from your competition, and how to expand it into every nook and cranny online.


3rd Repetitive Connections

are vital because business is all about connecting with the Right Audience. Rest assured we’ll help you to understand how to connect with then in the best way possible.


4th Relentless Follow Up

is the key to withstanding the frustration of longer sales cycles, and more decision-makers getting involved in even simple purchase decisions.

Sounds too simple? Do you already know it all? Then you might not need it.
Sounds too complex?
Maybe you think it’s not possible to address these 4 key areas and create a coherent actionable plan in just one day.
Allow us to prove you wrong and show you how you can kick start 2023 with a B2B Planning for 2023 Workshop that will set your company up for success and growth in 2023 regardless of the economic doom and gloom.
Register today and let’s make 2023 a great year to remember because we deserve success and happiness. Otherwise, why are we in business?

About the B2B Planning for 2023 Workshop Facilitator

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