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10 Important Messages Your Customers Want to Hear From You Right Now

It’s easy for us all to assume that everything we know is common knowledge to all. And it’s definitely not.

Sometimes we learn this the hard way. Assuming everyone has the same knowledge leads to underperforming, a loss in sales and messy situations we could have avoided if only we had communicated clearly.

Coming out of such a crazy few years, companies are busily re-starting their operations, which is great for business!  

But what about the customer? It’s time to focus on your communication with them.

To make sure everyone knows what is going on with your business you need to deliver these 9 important messages to your current, past and possible future customers.

1.     We are back and open for business…

This is truly the most important message you can send to your customers and the world right now. There are countless conversations about businesses closing and people will be concerned having waited to see if you will be opening for business once more. Reassuring them that you will continue operating is step one.

This message is particularly important for companies in non-retail and non-hospitality sectors without a street-level business front that people can walk by and see the operational status.  

For all manufacturing, wholesale, professional services and trades it is of real essence to communicate you are open and ready to deliver. When committing to this communication you have to apply it to every platform your business is active and featured on to ensure a consistent message is being sent to your entire audience.

2.    Our business hours are…

Reminding customers of your business hours is always appreciated after a change to usual trading.  Nowadays, people are mindful of new rules and varied hours of operation but they need you to let them know how these changes affect your business.

Avoid statements like “our business hours are as usual.” Be clear by outlining your operating hours and finding different places where you can effectively communicate this.

Sometimes simple information like this is still difficult to find. Share consistent and up to date business hours on multiple platforms to ensure your customers have the best chance of locating them.

3.    Our important cut off times/dates are…

Remind customers about any dates, times and deadlines specific to your business such as cut off times to place an order or terms of delivery and how to utilise such deadlines. For example, “order before 1pm for guaranteed same-day delivery!”

This information should be reminded frequently but gently, as customers like to be aware of these points since it helps them plan their purchases. It also keeps them updated with any changes to these cut-offs due to external situations beyond your company’s control.

4.    We are located at…

This may seem like an obvious one, but people are seeing many businesses moving locations or shifting to online operations at the moment.

Even if you rely on foot traffic, there is no harm in reminding customers about your address for delivery or pick up and although they may be able to Google this information, facts always feel more accurate coming from the direct source – your business website or social channels.

5.    You can find information at…

Let your customers know where they can find information, support and education. Maybe it’s via your website or social media pages or simply by phoning them, it is important for people to know how they can find out more about you. 

 Here is a short list of information your customers may want access to:

This is just a short list of information that can deliver extra value for your existing customers and provide reassurance to your potential customers about your company, your capabilities and your ability to support them.

6.    Who we are…

Unless your customers are buying from you frequently, their perception of what you do may be different from the reality of what your business delivers currently.

Don’t be a stranger, share information about your products and services as they change, even if it’s just a new season of a range of products you get in every year, you never know who you’ll inspire. Keep customers in the know of your most recent additions to ensure they are aware of what you have available.  

7.    Who we can help…

While we all love to sell to many different customers, the reality is you can attract repeat customers when you communicate with those who are your best customers.

Interest your ideal customer through targeted marketing and by selling yourself as the solution your best customer is searching for. 

8.    More about our products and services…

A lot of traditional businesses, professional services, wholesale and manufacturers feel all as though all the services they offer are common knowledge. There is some unspoken assumption that you know to go to a roofer when the roof leaks and go to an accountant when you need end of year financials.

But what about the times you need something less obvious?

There are a lot of crossovers in business and it is likely your company offers more than one primary service or product. Make sure your customers know all services you offer so they know to come to you first even for your less obvious situations. 

9.    We want your business…

You’ve advised everyone you are back to business but are you welcoming new business?

Situations are causing changes in the way businesses are able to deliver their services and some industries are under a lot of stress, so make sure you let your existing customers, and potential new customers that you are happy to take on new business.

10. We can offer help…

We are all in the same boat right now. We understand where and how each of our businesses can help others, utilise this to reach out to others who may need help. 

For example, one of our services is to create automated email communication, which helps grow sales. However, right now, we see it more beneficial to have a conversation about reconnecting with your customers which can be done with or without an automated e-newsletter.  

Are you ready to learn more about how to best communicate these messages for your business?

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Assia Salikhova

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